Engelskirchen 16.09.2021

I test new ideas for the scientific progress

Engelskirchen 16.09.2021

Successful maiden flight, mini-Tornado II begins flight testing.

With the successful maiden flight of the Tornado II at 13.09.2021, the third test phase for this aircraft now begins. Flights are planned to investigate the flight characteristics of this aircraft configuration. Particularly important are the studies on stability and controllability. In particular, the flight control system has a great influence here and must be adapted again and again in this phase of testing to optimize the flight characteristics to the wishes of the pilot.

Engelskirchen 20.10.2020

Rollout and presentation of a design proposal for a next generation multi role combat aircraft.

A model for a next generation multi role combat aircraft, perhaps as a potential successor of the PA 200 TORNADO was developed as part of a private project. The aim of the project was to develop an airframe design and to turn it into reality in the form of an airworthy model on a scale of 1:10. Development began in 2018 and construction began in early 2019. The design considers requirements for a next generation multi role combat aircraft (NG MRCA) with a two-man aircrew, two engines and a design that makes optical visibility and detectability by radar more difficult. The aerodynamics of the aircraft should remain as robust as possible, even at large angles of attack. The model has a wingspan of 1.12 m, a length of 1.65m and a height of 0.42m, with extended landing gear. The model is driven by two electric ducted fans. To show the relationship to the tornado, it carries the color scheme of the Tornado prototype from 1974. Ground testing is currently in progress, and the first flight is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

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